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Administration Division

The Administration program is responsible for the overall management and direction of all activities of the office. Administration establishes policy, assigns and directs the work of the other operating programs, determines priorities, allocates available resources on the basis of those priorities, and requires internal reviews of operations and procedures. Management functions performed or delegated by the Administration program include personnel and payroll issues, budgeting, administrative correspondence, and the collating and distributing of management information to other state agencies and other interested parties. The State Treasurer is a member of the Pooled Money Investment Board and the Committee on Surety Bonds and Insurance. As of July 1, 1993, the State Treasurer became a board trustee of the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System.

This division offers general office support services including reception, telephone and fax communication support, supplies, purchasing, and accounts payable to the rest of the office.

The Office of Kansas State Treasurer
Ron Estes
900 SW Jackson, Ste. 201
Topeka, Kansas 66612-1235
Managerial Responsibilities:
  • BJ Harden - Assistant State Treasurer
  • Jennifer Hermann - Deputy Assistant State Treasurer and Director of Human Resources
  • Tom Treacy - Director of the Kansas ABLE Savings Program
  • Cindy Hooper-Bears - Director, Information Technology
    • E-Mail Cindy
    • Computer Support and Development
    • Electronic Communications
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