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An image of a dollar signGetting Started
Contact the Treasurer's office at: (785) 296-3171. Each school is matched with a local financial institution and a representative will meet with school officials to schedule savings days. A parent or guardian's signature is needed to open an account.


An image of a dollar signClassroom Instruction
Lessons are taught by the financial institution representative and/or teachers at the school. The State Treasurer's office provides lesson plans and basic educational materials. Financial institution representatives are encouraged to host field trips to their workplace.


An image of a dollar signSavings Day
Savings accounts earn interest and transactions are verified by a financial institution representative. Account holders will track their savings through monthly statements.


An image of a dollar signStudent Participation
Students participating in classroom instruction are encouraged to open savings accounts but are not required to do so.


For more information contact us at (785) 296-3171.

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