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For Teachers: Save@School


Greeting from the Treasurer:

As State Treasurer, I am pleased to introduce the Save@School program which introduces students to the concepts of money management and has stirred excitement from educators and students all over the state.

Save@School is a special program that joins the State Treasurer's office, local financial institutions and schools with the common goal of educating children so that they become educated consumers who will make responsible financial decisions in the future. Participants open savings accounts and make deposits to their accounts on scheduled savings days at their school. The students learn the importance of savings through hands-on experience and classroom exercises with the guidance of an employee of the financial institution and the curriculum provided by the State Treasurer's office.

Thank you for your interest in Save@School. We look forward to working with you.


Treasurere LaTurner's signature in blue ink.

Jake LaTurner
Kansas State Treasurer


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