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Games and Fun Links

I have flown high and low to find fun stuff to do. I put a list of the things I found below:

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  • Planet Orange - Brave the desert, climb mountains, and dodge alligators while you explore everything there is to know about earning, spending, saving, and investing.
  • Fact Monster - This site is loaded with cool homework helpers and fascinating facts!
  • National Geographic Magazine - Find pictures and stories about animals and cool places to go and things to see!
  • Time Magazine - Be in the Know about current events! Find out what is happening and why!
  • PBS - Mr. Rogers, Clifford and Barney are just a few of the friends I ran into when I visited here!
  • Fun Brain - Are you in elementary or middle school? You'll have lots of fun at Fun Brain!
  • Ask Jeeves - This is a great for you to find answers to your questions without leaving your computer!
  • Access Kansas - This has everything you always wanted to know about Kansas and more!
  • Kansas State Historical Society - Find out the history of Kansas and have a GREAT time doing it!
  • FirstGov - Do you want to know more about government? Find it all here!
  • N.A.S.A. - What's cooler than space? Nothing right? Find out all about it here!
  • The White House - Find out about the President of the United States and where he lives!
  • The Smithsonian Institute - This is the world's most awesome museum and you can see it all right now!
  • The CIA - Do you want to learn about the United State's Central Intelligence Agency? Go here QUICK!
  • The United State Mint - Where does our money come from? Go here and find out!
  • Ready - Find out how to be prepared for disasters and how kids can prevent disaster damage
  • WisePockets World - Enter the Clubhouse and learn about managing money!

Cool Kid Zone Links

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