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An image of the Save at School Logo    An image of the Save at School Logo 

Why Start a Save@School Program in your Community...

  • Students will become aware of the benefits and easy availability of savings accounts.
  • It helps to encourage savings habits and promotes planning for future investments.
  • It combines the resources of government, education, business and labor to make new opportunities available to students and educators.    

Who Does What...

Kansas State Treasurer’s Office will:

  • Coordinate
  • Save@School Program
  • Curriculum development
  • Partner financial institutions with schools
  • Disburse training materials
  • Market Save@School Program
  • Serve as resource and media contact center

  Financial Institution will be responsible for:

  • Partnering with elementary schools to operate the program
  • Establishing savings accounts
  • Providing staff to assist with Save @ School activities
  • Training students for staff positions
  • Processing all transactions
  • Providing account statements
  • Hosting field trips to financial institution

  School’s will:

  • Partner with local financial institution
  • Assign staff to coordinate program
  • Recruit parent volunteers (if needed)
  • Schedule regular school activities
  • Encourage all students and staff to participate

  Student’s Role:

  • Students learn the roles of tellers, marketers and other bank officials
  • Participate in Save @ School activities
  • Open savings accounts and make frequent deposits
  • Acquire positive financial habits

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