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According to Kansas Statute, the Kansas State Treasurer processes many different types of monetary collections from cities and counties. You are able to view all collection data for the last several fiscal years. All you need do is answer the questions below and we'll search for archived data that matches your responses.

The cage collection data is organized in entities, categories and details. Entities are the counties or cities that sent in the receipts. Categories are groups of collections related to each other such as "District Court" collections or "Muncipal Court" collections or "Candidate Fees". Details would be the individual receipt entries such as "Clerk Fees" or "Marriage License Fees" for district courts. Most of the time, counties and cities fill out a form to send us receipts. The form would correspond to a Category while the individual receipt entries on the form would correspond to individual Details of different types.

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The preceding information is being gathered for the purpose of providing you with a list of collection data matching the criteria you enter. In addition, the information will be saved by us for future contact should you choose to receive automatic email notifications of future distributions. We reserve the right to maintain and use this data should it become necessary in legal matters. Please refer to our on-line privacy statement.