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The Kansas State Treasurer's Office is always searching for ways to increase efficiency within the State system. The primary purpose of this page is to allow vendors of the State of Kansas and personnel of other state agencies easy access to status information about ACH and check payments. Because this site is not restricted, the names of payees are not included in the search results. Such information can be obtained only to authorized personnel through the use of the state central accounting system (SMART).

State of Kansas Supplier Payment Search (ACH and Check)

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this is normally either a 7 or 10 digit number

Archived check files are updated on a daily basis. The information accessible from this page is as chronologically accurate as possible.
  • To request an image of a redeemed state check, for the form (click here) State Agency Use ONLY.
  • To request a Department of Administration "Escheated Check Claim - Validation" form (click here)

ACH Payment Trace (State Agency Use ONLY)

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The preceding information is being gathered for the purpose of providing you with a check or list of checks matching the criteria you enter. In addition, the information may be saved by us for statistical tracking. We reserve the right to maintain and use this data should it become necessary in legal matters. Please refer to our on-line privacy statement.